If this occurs repeatedly or significantly in the medium and proximal esophagus means that the test is positive. Endoscopic examination is the most informative.

Complications, which can lead to peptic ulcers are GERD, esophageal stricture developing prolonged reflux oesophagitis, Baret- syndrome is observed in humans with prolonged and heavy reflux, which leads to the replacement of normal squamous epithelium of the lining of the esophagus with or so-called tubular epithelium. metaplasia.

Barrett syndrome is considered to be precancerous and in 10% of patients develop adenocarcinoma. All complications entailed GERD is diagnosed by endoscopy, through which can take material for biopsy and most accurately determine the extent of the changes in the esophagus. For the treatment of GERD by vital change in the lifestyle of patients.

Many people ignore the symptoms in the early stages of the disease and seek medical help only after his advancement. The change in lifestyle consists in an early supper, diet, by reducing the consumption of fat, alcohol, citrus, tomatoes, lift the upper body during sleep, a reduction in body weight.

Drug GERD treated with proton pump inhibitors, H2-receptor blockers, endoscopic treatment for severe disease or complications, and surgical treatment is applied mainly in the presence of a hiatal hernia. If patients comply with the need for a new way of life, GERD is a well-controlled state, which will not disrupt normal daily activities.